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AKI SUNG | 宋皚柔

Sung Oi-Yau, Aki was born in Hong Kong. She graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from The Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017. All of her creations are surrounded by the value of human emotion, nature as well as social atmosphere. She mainly uses nature, human posture and appearance to be the creative elements. Her recent artworks focus mostly on drawing, printmaking, and illustrations. She is also keen on creating small magazines and books. She hopes her work can break through the limitations of the medium itself.

宋皚柔出生於香港, 她於2017年香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畢業。她的創作一直圍繞著人的情感,和自身對社會現狀的情緒。大多以大自然,身體和臉孔來呈現情緒表達。以繪畫、 銅板畫和插畫為主要的作媒介,同時也沉醉於以小型雜誌和書本形式進行創作,並曾以小本出版。希望突破媒介自身的限制。

Exhibitions / Publications

2019   |         "The Darkest Dark" in PMQ, Hong Kong

2019   |          Artist Residency in Iceland Creative Centre

2019   |          The Lab Match Select work exhibition and collaboration in Hong Kong

2019   |         "Kitakagaya Flea 2019 Spring & Asia Book Market‘ in Osaka

2019   |          “Art Book china (abc)” in Beijing

2019   |         “I want to be apart of you” in Taiwan

2019   |         "1950 Heritage Art Fair" Tung Nam Lou in Hong Kong

2019   |         "Booked: Tai Kwun Contemporary's Hong Kong Art Book Fair"

2018  |        “Before it Happened- PRÉCÉDÉE” Exhibition in Hong Kong

2018  |       “Art Book china (abc)” in Shanghai

2018  |       “Kitakagaya Flea + Asia Book Market 2018“

2018  |       “2018 Exhibition for Nominated National Printmaking“ in Shanghai

2018  |       “20:20 Print Exchange“ exhibition 

2018  |       “Oh! All the bad things I wish to whisper in your ear“ exhibition 

2017  |       "Art Book china (abc)" in Shanghai

2017  |       "Art Book china (abc)" in Beijing

2017  |       "The Singularity festival" in Guangzhou

2017  |       "Art Book Fair & More" in Taipei

2017  |       “Eggwich” in Kubrick 

2017  |        Published a Book “Funnei“ 

2017  |       "Shanghai International printmaking Exhibition parallel Exhibition" 

2017  |       "AVA BA Graduation Exhibition" 

2015  |       "The Shape of position" Photography Exhibition 

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